May 19th, 2009

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Brief Morphicon summary thing

Morphicon was fun!

THURSDAY: Llamaburgers! (Which explains my earlier post saying "Holy crap, llama!"

FRIDAY: Gave a guy a ride to the Social Security office, not that it did any good. I was introduced to Fluxx v4.0 (which I later bought)! Drew graffiti on a (sadly upside-down) fake wall. Had a minor kidneystone attack (not so much excruciating pain, but enough discomfort to make me retire early. Not fun.)

SATURDAY: Fursuit Parade in front of upside-down graffiti wall. Skyline chili! Cake decorating contest without icing tips is tricky. I made a cake wreck that said "It a Rek!" Shortest Are You A Werewolf game I've ever played! Also ice-creamiest, thanks to the host saying "chicken a la mode" instead of "chicken a la king". Atomic Spectacle of Doom was short and followed by improv, sushi-eating, and streaking for money (which went to the ferret rescue people)!

SUNDAY: White Castle. SonicBlu's Time Machine Show, which was ultramastascio! Atomic Battle of Doom, Nerf weapons only. As a joke I wandered into the room with my genuine Louisville Slugger. Later that night, I learned the hard way that Fluxx is less fun when playing with tired people.

MONDAY: Got Julia's oil changed. Saw "Star Trek". Fun! Cupcake. Sandwiches. Parachutes. Drill. Red matter. 17. Karl Urban IS young McCoy. "Are you out of your fulkin' mind?"

Tomorrow I start heading back home, getting as far as Louisville.
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Back in Louisville

Back in Louisville, because, apparently, I need more baseball bats.

Nope, just driving back home to Houston. Today's drive was in beautiful weather (unlike on the way up when it was all cloudy and rainy), and it was relatively short (the sun hasn't set *yet!*) and uneventful, just the way I likes 'em.

Well, almost uneventful. I stopped on the outskirts of Cincinnati to refill my water and have a french fry break at Wendy's, and as I was trying to get out of the parking lot, this station wagon in front of me suddenly backed up right towards me! I honked, but it was too late. BONK!

The woman in the station wagon did that because she was afraid a car passing by on the street was going to hit her. I don't know if it was or not, but there seemed to be no damage to her car, and almost none to mine. There are a couple of very small cracks in the grille. The station wagon probably did that, but I have no proof. Anyway, if it turns out to need fixing, I can afford it, and I had a long way to go and didn't want to deal with insurance or anything, so I shrugged it off and we went our separate ways.

Once again I'm in the Super 8 on Crittenden just northwest of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Boy, there aren't many options for dinner around here. Across the street there's Arby's. A block north, there's Burger King. I went out in my car to find someplace, and found a Denny's and no promise of anything else. So I had a club sandwich at Denny's. (I hope it's okay to eat the sandwich if you're not a member of the club.)

Tomorrow, Memphis.