February 16th, 2009


CD carriers

Shortly after I started roadtripping all over the place, I bought a CD carrying case so I could carry more CDs to listen to on the road. It held 144 discs, which seemed like a lot at the time.

After a while, it filled up. So I bought a 32-disc wallet to supplement it.

After a while, that filled up. So I shrugged and started a policy of removing a disc and putting it back in its original case to make room for a new one.

But recently I started making myself a bunch of mixdiscs, containing songs I didn't have in CD format (mp3 only) or songs where I had the album it was on but was only interested in 1 or 2 songs on the disc. So I thought, hey, it's time to go buy another 144-disc carrier to make room for all these new discs!

So I went to Best Buy today. Guess what I found: a 336-disc carrier! This thing doesn't have to *supplement* my existing carrier, it can *replace* it!

What's my current internet addiction?


Remember the old foshata site, on which they had clips from Japanese commercials, and you could add funny captions? No? Well anyway, it disappeared for a while, but now it's back under a different name.

Here's a link to one of my best recent ones. And here are some other good ones I did:
You can click my name above the video widget to see a list of all my contributions at lower right. Or click "search" at top right and type in "KTurtle". Also type in "Timmo Warner", "Qaianna" "Masem" and "ornjbun" to see some other good ones (because there's been this influx of pottymouthed kids lately who think raunchy non sequiturs are hiLAAARious). In fact, why not sign up and contribute some of your own?