January 27th, 2009


FC09, days 6 thru 11: The con itself

It was fun! The highlight for me was performing in the puppet shows; Steve Plunkett and GOH Anita Coulter performed onstage, while Sir Crimson Fox, Akeakami and I and some others worked puppets behind the puppet stage. I forgot my puppets from home, so I bought a toucan and blue whale in the Dealer Den and used them. Then, for the second show on Sunday, I made a puppet out of money! I wanted to do the song "Teenage Millionaire" by the Judy's [sic], so I took two dollar bills, folded them and taped them together, making a singing dollar bill. That was fun!

I missed the FNL, but I got to hang out with Babs, Raine, Orv, Sir Crimson Fox, the Gneech, and a bunch of other people I'm too tired to remember right now. I'm also too tired to upload photos. Maybe tomorrow from L.A.!

I ate sooo much sushi.