January 20th, 2009


FC09, day 5: Azusa to San Jose

OK so I got up and jumped on I-210 (or the Foothill Freeway as they call it) and made a mad dash for I-5 (or the 5 as they call it) (because that's what the L.A. freeway system is, one giant mad dash) and once I got on the 5, I climbed uuup and uuup and uuup into the stratospheric heights of the Tejon Pass through the They-are-choppy Mountains with its impressive peaks and treacherous ravines, and then dooown dooown dooown going WHEEEEEEEE until finally I hit level ground (*thud*) and the mountains behind me vanished into the mist like Brigadoon as if they were never even there. Oooo.

Then I just drove and drove and drove until I got near Los Banos, whence I then got onto the 38-mile roller coaster that is CA-152 to Gilroy and then the 33-mile rumble strip that is US-101, until I arrived here at the Motel 6.

At some point along the journey, my car's MAINT REQD light came on and stayed on. Definitely must visit Capitol Toyota for an oilchange tomorrow. Maybe I'll also have them check the brakes. And yeah, I think I'll skip the Winchester House.

Photos from yesterday:

Photos from today:

Man... the trouble with road-tripping alone is, I see so many impressive sights that I can't photograph while driving. Type "Tejon pass" into Google Images to see more stuff from my trip today. :}
Ghost Gliders in the Sky

FC09, days 1 thru 5: Flora

One fascinating thing about this road trip is the different kinds of characteristic plants in different parts of the country.

East Texas: Deciduous trees, grass, fields

West Texas: Scrub

New Mexico: Agave

Arizona: Saguaro and other cacti

Southern California: Palm trees

Central California: Orchards of rigidly identical small trees in mechanistically perfect grids
Kate Monster

In San Jose with a new president

Oh, and apparently while I was driving up through California today, Obama became our new president. Hooray!

Heee. One of the CDs I was listening to on the drive yesterday was the Avenue Q soundtrack, the last song of which is titled "For Now", and has lyrics that go:

Only for now
Is only for now
Is only for now
Is only for now

That was more true than ever yesterday!