September 27th, 2008


Burn After Reading / I got the power!

Today I saw "Burn After Reading". Fun stuff! No spoilers, except to say that John Malkovich yelling at people and calling them morons is hilarious.

Also, Mom just called and said we have power! I've got a lot of stuff to pack up, though, and I'd like to give the air conditioning a chance to clear out the "swampiness", for lack of a better word. So, I'll be going home tomorrow!

Voice Post

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“So, we finally have power... Unfortunately we don't have internet. So tomorrow I'll have to call Comcast tomorrow and complain at them and what not and... till we get that working again I guess I'll have to goto the Galleria, and set up my laptop there. Oh well. See you... whenever.”

Transcribed by: multiple users