July 23rd, 2008

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Where I've Been: July 2008

Having just gotten back from a trip through a few of those big blocky Western states I'd hardly if at all ever been to, and seeing people doing that "what states have I been to" meme again, I decided it's time to pull out the maps I made myself for the purpose, tweak a few details, update them and put them up, so here they are.

Where I've been in the USA

Where I've been in North America

If you'd like me to make a map like one of these for you, I can! Just comment with a list of U.S. states (and Canadian provinces & territories and Mexican states if you'd like the North America map) with each one assigned a number according to the following list of "visitedness":

11 - Live/have lived in
10 - Lived on college campus in
9 - Spent at least one night in
8 - Visited an attraction or person in
7 - Traveled through on land with at least one stop
6 - Traveled through on land with no stops
5 - Changed planes in
4 - Landed in but stayed on plane
3 - Flown over (and can verify it)
2 - Seen from across the border
1 - Visited but don't remember

This list is a hierarchy. For each state, use the highest number that applies.

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