July 21st, 2008

cars that can lick things

Day 6: Home again!

Oh! I actually got home about four and a half hours ago, and forgot to post.

Wow, Wichita Falls really is a shithole. When I stayed on the way up, it was July 4 and I was woken up at 1 am by idiots shooting bottle rockets in the parking lot, and then by a guy yelling that he was going to call the police. Last night, I was apparently in a room next to an episode of "Hot Ghetto Mess". There seemed to be two people in the room next door, and although it was after 10 pm, the woman in the room was talking loudly and then she started playing rap music and rapping along with it. I had to call the front desk twice to get them to quiet down so I could get some sleep. And was that a bloodstain on the one and only roll of toilet paper in my bathroom? I didn't wanna know. I took my Swiss Army knife, crudely carved the stained area out and flushed it.

Anyway, I had lunch at The Parks Mall in Arlington, and dinner at Escalante's Mexican Restaurant in Houston.

On the way into Houston, I kept seeing freeway signs displaying:




And the funny thing about Wichita Falls is, I just remembered that when I was first planning this trip, and I asked Google Maps to draw me a route from Houston to Seattle, it wanted me to take I-45 to I-35 to I-70 to I-25. I was the one who insisted on driving through North Texas (and spending a night in Wichita Falls) to save about 100 miles. IT TRIED TO WARN ME! I'm sorry, Google Maps, I'll never doubt you again!