July 19th, 2008

interstate pi

Day 4: Laramie to Raton

Uneventful. Hot and sunny. Now here I am in Raton, NM, only one state away from home. Unfortunately, that state is Texas, and it will take another two days to cross it, mostly on non-interstate roads.

This is the same hotel that had the church group fulla idiots playing a loud late-nite game of Marco Polo when I last stayed here on the way up. When I got here, there were a bunch of kids and teens playing in the pool and doing a lot of loud hooting and hollering.

They've gone back to their rooms now and it's quiet. Let's hope it stays that way.
625 sandwich

How to order at Subway

Hee, that was fun. I went to Subway just now to get a sandwich. I walked in, the clerk walked right out and asked for my order, and straightaway I told him "6-inch turkey & ham on wheat." He said, "Boy, you sure know what you want, eh?" Having been to a lot of Subways on this trip, indeed I did. And I said, "Yup. I'll bet you wish most of your customers did, too." He and the other clerk laughed and said yes, and started imitating a typical customer trying to decide what to order: "Uhhh... uhhhh..." He said it sounds like they're having an orgasm! OK, whatever. He was so amused he gave me an extra slice of cheese. Cool! (Well, frankly I would've preferred an extra slice of ham, but oh well.)