July 12th, 2008

cartoon diaries

The horseman is in the robin's nest, repeat, the cavalier is in the briar patch.

More people showed up at Seattlemania today: Desiree/Brainsister/VeryPinkyGirl and PharWarner, Tony Fox, Wilford, Masem, and then I went to pick up Aatheus at the airport, and Des & Phar went with me to be dropped back off at the hotel.

The airport was crowded! A lot of people sure like to fly into places late at night. And then traffic was HORRENDOUSLY SLOW leaving the airport (which turned out to be a deadly combination of construction zones and an accident on the freeway), so much so that Aatheus entertained us by showing Homestar Runner cartoons on his laptop right there in the car.

So anyway we're here now and we're all settled in for the night.