July 7th, 2008

interstate pi

Road trip day 4: Laramie to Ogden

Yay, last night was the first quiet night I've had on this trip! No idiots shooting bottle rockets, no church groups playing late nite MARCO! POLO! No nothin'. Wyoming is very quiet. Desolate, even.

I saw some local wildlife! Outside a travel store in Sinclair, Wyoming, I saw a chipmunk. Not the singing variety, though. And at a rest area somewhere west of Wamsutter, I saw a prairie dog (not the dramatic variety).

So then I entered Utah and it was all SCARY ONE-LANE CONSTRUCTION ZONES ON SLOPEY CANYON ROADS all the way to Ogden! Did I say canyon? I meant GORGE! With HUGE rocky cliff faces rising high into the sky and bearing down on us from both sides, as I struggled to maintain the proper speed and remember all the lyrics on the CD I was singing along with while wedged in between two big rigs! Whew but I'm here now, at a Motel 6 that obviously used to be a Red Roof Inn. This room is nice (except for the faint remaining whiff of mildew from the A/C).

Tomorrow: Baker City, OR, and the Pacific time zone at last!