July 6th, 2008

interstate pi

Road trip day 3: Raton to Laramie

This morning I woke up in Raton (which means "Mouse"), New Mexico, drove across Colorado, and ended up here in Laramie, Wyoming, where I finally have a room with internet. (Had to give up the "first floor" requirement to get it, ugh. Also had to give up the "1 queen bed" requirement, but who cares about that.)

As I was driving through Colorado, I decided to see if I could stop somewhere and see Pike's Peak. I stopped at the Visitor's Center in Colorado Springs and was directed to the Visitor's Center at Garden of the Gods National Park. The balcony has a lovely view and I took many pictures of big impressive rocks! (Darnit, I could upload some right now if I'd brought the USB cable for my camera.)

Tomorrow: Ogden, UT.