July 1st, 2008


Home from AC!

I know one shouldn't go to a con when sick, but I left home with a raging case of chipmunk fever. As you can see, it still hasn't abated:

Brief recap:
Uneventful flight. Got to hotel. Thanks to Yankees game that evening, couldn't get checked into a room for six hours. Damn Yankees!

Got all the comic books I was looking for in the Dealer's Den, yay! Uncle Kage's Story Hour was funny. Hung out with Babs and the Tiny Toons group.

Went to dinner at Golden Palace. Rain started coming down in bucketfuls while we ate, but it let up before we left. Missed the Masquerade, but 2 the Ranting Gryphon was funny. Hung out with Alex Reynard and Alfador.

Hung out with the Tiny Toons guys. We tried to go to Subway for dinner, but they were out of a lot of stuff and could take cash only. Guess they underestimated the Anthrocon crowd. We went to Pizza Parma, then hung out in Babs's room watching Ratatouille, then my room watching Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs.

Helped Babs & Squirrelly pack up their car. Lunch at Steel City Diner, which is very crowded and slow during Anthrocon, and allows smoking. Uneventful flight home.
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Green stain, Wall-E

I was checking my Micron pens for pressure and leakage issues after the plane ride, and this one light green pen blooped out a big drop of ink as I opened it. (That may have been my fault; maybe I opened it too violently.) Now there's a bright green stain on my olive green bedspread. Welp, that's the funny thing about being an artist; my unsightly stains tend to be prettier than other peoples'.

I went and saw Wall-E today. Fun and heartwarming. And possibly the first Pixar film with live-action footage in it. And judging by the short at the beginning about the magician and the bunny, someone at Pixar's been playing Portal lately!