May 20th, 2008


Ow ow ow

Two days ago, the latest curse on the trip from hell reared its ugly head: back strain. Actually, it was lower down. It felt like I strained my sitting-in-a-chair muscle. It may have been caused by the desk chair in my room; it is the reason why I haven't posted anything the last couple days. This made it very uncomfortable to sit in those chairs they have in the hotel meeting rooms, and painful to get up out of them. As a result, I was feeling pain near the end of the D.C. Simpson meet & greet, and I was in too much distress to enjoy SonicBlu's Time Machine radio show. I'd say this has been my worst con experience ever, through no fault of either mine or the con's.

At least my sore throat went away, to be replaced by a stuffy nose.

And at least I had fun yesterday, hanging out with babsbunny and sqrlly. Squirrelly and I went to a couple of malls and whatnot, then we picked up Babs from work, then we went to Olive Garden, then we went back to their place and watched stuff on YouTube till the wee hours. By the time I went back to the hotel, I was finally feeling good.

Now I'm at the airport waiting to fly home. Here's hoping the plane seat doesn't make the pain flare back up, like the car seat did a little on the way here today.
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Home now.

Bad stuff: All the things mentioned in previous posts, plus the fact that my ability to watch "The Producers" on the flight up was apparently a fluke. Tried watching "Finding Nemo" on the flight home, but failed; wasn't room to open the laptop wide enough.

Good stuff: I got to see the old MFF hotel one last time, I got a sneak peek at the new hotel, I met a folksinger who wrote his own last verse to "Puff the Magic Dragon", I got to meet a bunch of friends again, and I got some good art and a few interesting pictures.