May 16th, 2008


The trip from hell

I thought all the problems I was having the last couple of days were just anomalies, just bumps in the road, and I'd feel better and start to really have fun when I got to Columbus today. But now I realize: this is the Trip From Hell.

For starters, the CD player in my car is not just dumb or whatever. It's not simply a matter of being able to play some discs and not others. The damn thing is broken, it's worn out, it's malfunctioning. Some CDs I've put in it, it starts to play them, and maybe it plays one or two tracks all the way through. Then, halfway through another track, it starts glitching and spitting out tiny snatches of sound, as if the disc were very badly scratched. (It's not. All my CDs are in very good condition.) It was so nerve-wracking I had to stop trying to play CDs at all. Which meant I had to drive all the way to Columbus without music. And no, I didn't listen to the radio. I HATE radio these days. The music's not worth listening to and the commercials are annoying and repetitive. So I drove to Columbus in silence. When I turn the car in on Tuesday, I am going to complain very strongly about the CD player.

Oh, and halfway to Columbus, as I was approaching Indianapolis on I-65 south, I ran into a horrible traffic jam. We spent miles just creeping along. Finally I decided to take a detour, so I got off at the next exit, which was Route 32 in Lebanon, IN, and drove east on it to US-421 south to I-465 east and rejoined my planned route.

Finally I reached Columbus, and the Holiday Inn in Worthington that used to be a Radisson but still hosts Morphicon. I checked in, and Babs called, and we went out to dinner. Oh, but it started raining.

Oh, and when we got back to the hotel, I seemed to be getting a sore throat.

If I believed in God I would kick him in the nuts because he is clearly trying to ruin my entire trip. Or maybe it's Simon Krandis again, I dunno.
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I definitely have a sore throat this morning.

There's a convenience store next to the hotel. I shall need to see if they have good orange juice.
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Weird Al, pretzel

Puff the Magic Dragon - alt. ending #2

Oh also, while driving over from Chicago in a musicless vacuum, I started thinking about Jeff Wolf's extra verse to "Puff the Magic Dragon", and I was inspired to write my own last verse.

Instead of being an extra verse tacked onto the end, though, this is a substitute for the original last verse:
He missed his little friend
And brooded for a while,
Until another little boy
Showed up to make him smile.
When taken out of context
This verse sounds really wrong,
But it's all innocent, I swear,
It's a family-friendly song!


If I were a folksinger performing this in concert, I think I'd end with a spoken comment along the lines of: "That's right, there are no hidden double meanings in this song. If you disagree... what have you been smoking?!"