April 28th, 2008


The word "fursona"


Pfaugh, what's wrong with the word "fursona"? It's simply a portmanteau of "furry persona". What better, more concise term to describe what the word means?

Some people, some FURRIES even, seem to have some kind of hate-on for any furry slang whatsoever. Slang from other fandoms they'll gladly use, such as "slash", "otaku" or "con crud"; pejorative terms for furries made up by others they'll eagerly sling around, such as "fursecution"... but oh how DARE their fellow furries have the NERVE to invent neologisms of their own!

Another good example is "yiff". Man, some people complain about this word so hard it seems they'd rather have dental surgery without anaesthetic than ever hear the word "yiff" again. What would they rather we say? "Fuck"?