March 30th, 2008

Geek - been lazy

Stupid room should learn to clean itself, I say!

I was going to clean my room yesterday but Dad needed me to drive him to CompUSA (actually we ended up going to Best Buy instead) to get the latest tax software, because if he tried to go on his own he'd most likely end up lost.

I was going to clean my room today but I was overcome with the overwhelming urge not to. Maybe I'll use this time to draw some cartoons or something instead.

I shoulda cleaned my room on Friday; I forgot how crowded the mall gets on Friday. Currently my room-cleaning is scheduled for next Friday.
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Would-be purse snatcher!

Speaking of the mall, I witnessed an attempted crime there the other day! On Thursday I was walking through Macy's towards the mall corridor, when I spotted two people tussling out of the corner of my eye. At first I assumed it was good-natured boyfriend-girlfriend horseplay, but then I saw a man in a suit come running up and grab the guy from behind! Seems he was a would-be purse snatcher, and the man in the suit was a plainclothes security guard.

As I passed by, heading away from them into the mall corridor, I heard the guard tell the guy to get down on the floor. Suddenly the guy came running past me, shirtless! He must have struggled with the guard and wriggled out of his shirt. The security guard chased after him, close on his heels, followed by the woman.

I looked back and noticed they'd left some things lying around: the woman's purse, the guy's shirt, and the guard's handcuffs. I wondered if I ought to stand there and watch them to keep anyone else from stealing them, but then a uniformed security guard came out, and I walked away, satisfied the situation was under control.

The guy passed close by me enough that I probably could have tripped him or something! But I figured it was better not to get involved. As I continued on my way, I saw other shoppers and kiosk vendors looking down the corridor in the direction the three people had run, with looks of surprise and interest on their faces.

I dunno why I didn't mention this on Thursday when it happened. Probably because I talked about it on IRC and got the feeling of "gotta tell someone" out of my system. :}

Bing Bang Boing

I had this toy when I was a little kid! I, um, never actually played with it, though. Well, I did, but not as intended. I recall being more interested in the shape of the launch ramp, the action of detaching and reattaching the ramp base, and the way the geartooth-shaped feet of the Humdrums fit together than in actually trying to make balls bounce through the air. I think it seemed too difficult for me. How are you supposed to know where to put the drums? What if you put a drum in the wrong place and a ball misses it? OMG FAIL! The idea of "trial and error" simply hadn't occurred to me.