March 21st, 2008

Geek - serious

Why am I not striking?

Five reasons:

1. I have a permanent account, so what good would it do? My account fully paid for itself a few years ago, and I have no ads.

2. A strike is when you walk out on your job en masse. Unless you're lucky enough to be paid to blog, LJ is not your job. It's not even a boycott; a boycott is when you stop paying for something. Spending one day refusing to use a service you're continuing to pay for is not a boycott. It's a symbolic protest at best.

3. It's not even a good protest. What message is it sending to the LJ staff? "We hate the way you've handled things, so we're going to slightly lighten the load on your servers today." Gee, thanks, guys!

4. What exactly is the problem anyway? LJ's not going to be changing any existing accounts, and they still offer free accounts, just now the option of no ads on them is gone. Some of the people doing this "strike" thing are friends of mine, and I'm sure they have good intentions, so I refuse to be snide to them... but I am tempted to say "boo effing hoo". :(

5. The real issue, of course, is LJ not being honest with its userbase. Even so, there are much more effective ways to get your message out.
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