March 4th, 2008

Weird Al, pretzel

Killing kites

This was a dry ump.
I'm baking an oat here. Use such sex.
It's hard to rollerskate my saddest fraction.

Amateur silence.
We do with the musk, what once we canned.
For the gouda, follow us,
Except that one sour bread.

But there's no sands flying over every mouse steak.
You just heap on crying till you're strung out on tape.
And the silent cats run, and your naked feet hum
For the steeples who are still in line.

I'm naughty and cranky.
I'm being sold some beer right now.
Even though you stroked my harp and thrilled me.

Enormity pizzas.
And grew every peach, in two, off wire.
Afterburners heard the cough,
I was a half of four ewes.

Now these porks of gator take a beautiful wine,
And around the freighter we're all easy and tied.
So my bladder got turned, pick up all the wings we earned
For the preachers who are skilled at lies.

Coheed and Leafmeat.
I think I'll have fur Tuesday at five.
Baby oil can summon elves to Hell, true.

Made with back bacon.
That's artichoke. Hawthorne, fetch hams.
And he gave the snake his grape,
It's soda, lectures and noise.

Look at measles caulking when there's spiders to glue,
When I cook a pear, it makes my grandmother blue.
Ivy, spare a mixture rum, there is three such tubes of gum,
On the peepholes who are filled with lice.

Handle Mimi? I am spilled with mites.
I'm shoeing scions and I'm milled with rice.
I peeled some plastic and I'm really nice.
Wire diving? I'll be Philip Weiss.
A lanyard bed? I will be silly lights.
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interstate pi

My schedule

Tomorrow I head out towards Tucson!

My schedule:
Wed Mar 05 - drive to Ft. Stockton TX
Thu Mar 06 - drive to Tucson AZ
Fri Mar 07 - dinner with Josh Fruhlinger, Bob Weber Jr. and assorted Curmudgeon readers
Sat Mar 08 - drive to Carlsbad NM
Sun Mar 09 - visit Carlsbad Caverns
Mon Mar 10 - drive to San Antonio
Tue Mar 11 - drive home

Yay for CD burners!

Using my CD burner, I reduced my 9-disc set of Andy Partridge's "Fuzzy Warbles" (8 volumes plus a bonus disc) down to 4 discs, by cutting out the tracks that are demo versions of previously released songs. (They're interesting to listen to, academically, but for regular listening I pretty much always prefer the final versions.)

Now not only can I enjoy Fuzzy Warbles in the car without having to skip through the demos of PRSes, I get to leave my expensive imported CDs at home and not worry about scratching them, plus I just freed up 4 slots in my CD travel case. (I wasn't carrying the bonus disc around because it's only got one non-demo-of-PRS track on it, which I tacked onto the end of the fourth CD-R.) Perhaps I'll put some Kraftwerk in there!
full deck

The Game

I have decided to violate rule 1 of The Game.

Edit: More precisely, I decided to violate rules 1, 2 and 3 of The Game the first time I heard of it. IOW, I ain't playing this stupid game. :}