February 3rd, 2008


Papa's got a brand new bag; s/Papa/Teleia/; s/bag/book/;

Yar har fiddle de dee,
Being a carbon-based life form is all right with me.
Do what you want 'cos a carbon-based life form is free.
You are a carbon-based lifeform.

[Disclaimer: if you are not a carbon-based life form, disregard the above song.]

New on my website:

The Teleia Book

It's my latest conbook, The Teleia Book! Featuring the usually two-headed shapeshifting foxie zirself. Best start I've ever had on a conbook: 15 drawings at one con (not counting the two I did myself when I was struck with inspiration). (Of course, it helped that I decided to travel light and not bring any of the others.)
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cartoon diaries

New diary!

FC 2008 diary

And so the diary for FC 2008 begins!

(Jeez, I never did draw a diary for FC 2007. I should go back and draw a cartoon about it sometime because it was a lot of fun.)
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Stuff on TV while I was making a meatloaf sandwich

Oh, was there a game on or something?

I thought the commercials on Dad's TV looked a little weird. I saw a nighttime driver swerving to miss a deer, then swerving to miss Alice Cooper, then debating whether to swerve to miss Richard Simmons. Then I saw cavemen too stupid to use the wheel properly, carrying beer on it like a heavy stone pallet ("Wheel suck!") and then smashing a beer bottle with a rock ("Bottle opener suck!") Then I saw an ad for Wall-E, featuring Woody and Buzz Lightyear sitting on a couch eating popcorn and discussing the new character. That was pretty cute-tresting.
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