December 9th, 2007

owls learn to spell


Even the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats tire of overused jokes!

(The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats, in case you're unaware, is a comic strip drawn by Adam Koford, based on LOLcats and other internet jokes and made to look like an old cartoon from the days of Krazy Kat, Thimble Theatre, etc., set in the world of hoboes. The kayfabe for the strip is that it was drawn by Adam's great-grandfather Aloysius Koford, and recently "discovered" by Adam. Also, there's an Easter egg in (almost) every strip, in the form of a capital H surrounded by sunrays, which is a hobo sign (though I don't know what it means).)
Friendly Neighborhood Atheist

Planning to see Golden Compass

I'm planning to see Golden Compass someday this week. That's the movie that Catholics are boycotting and telling people not to let their kids see it because it's an "attack on religion" or whatever. I wonder if there'll be picketers! Anybody who's seen the movie seen it being picketed?