December 8th, 2007


Messing with Texas

This postcard is typical of Texas's infamous arrogance. Texas likes to think of itself as bigger and better than all the other states.

I don't know how old the design is, but since it doesn't show Alaska or Hawaii, it was likely designed before they joined the Union. When I was a kid, I saw this particular postcard all over the place. I even bought one once. Recently I was trying to remember all the fake state names from this card, but since I have no idea what happened to mine, I decided to go out and see if they were still selling it.

Nope, this design has apparently been retired. In its place is the modern equivalent:

Wow. I never thought I'd feel nostalgic for that arrogant old postcard. The new one is ugly, witless, and gratuitously mean. By comparison, the old one was a labor of love, and almost affectionate in its mockery of the rest of the country. The new card is nothing but a big "Fuck You".

Old card: seen on the Strange Maps blog, which got it from
New card: the corner CVS and my scanner
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