November 29th, 2007

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Enchanted / Space Center Gift Shop

I went to see "Enchanted" on Tuesday. It was fun! Much better than the trailers make it look, especially that whooshy trailer I saw at the Disney Store.

Giselle, a Disney cartoon princess-to-be, falls into a magic well and ends up as a live-action princess in live-action New York City. Collapse )

Today, Mom and I drove down to Space Center Houston to go to the gift shop and get some lanyards embroidered with "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION" as a gift for a friend. It was cool! At the gate where you normally pay $5 to park, Mom asked the cashier if the gift shop was open, and he said "Yes, go on in," and we didn't have to pay! Then she waited in the car while I went in, and I didn't have to buy a ticket! I just left my driver's license at the info desk and the guy filled out a slip for me to carry.

In addition to the lanyards, and a FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION mug, and a Lucite pyramid paperweight with a tiny space shuttle inside, I also got an emergency space blanket, a pocket laser-show thingy, and some freeze-dried ice cream. Then we left, and went to Red Lobster for lunch.

Oh, and on the drive down and back up the Gulf Freeway, I introduced Mom to the Avenue Q soundtrack. She loves it!

Also I made a new icon. Meow!
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