October 10th, 2007


Museum, cave & park

Today we went to the Museum Center at Union Station. It's a former train station (in an impressive dome of a building!) with a history/science museum downstairs. The coolest part of that is the Cave, a maze of dark twisty claustrophobic tunnels that open out onto big spaces with underground waterfalls and rivers. I got a couple of dramatic photos in there! Then we had butterscotch shakes.

Then we drove over to Eden Park and parked for a bit. It overlooks the Ohio River.

Now I'm tiiired. :}
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interstate pi


Tomorrow we move out of Mom's cousin Judy's house into a hotel downtown for Mom's class reunion. As I don't have a laptop, this means I may not have internet access until I get back home.

(Arrgh, it's hard to concentrate on writing this with that dog Judy just let in running around... honestly I won't be sorry to move into the hotel)

Then, as mentioned before, we'll travel up to Columbus on Sunday. And then we're thinking of visiting Zanesville on Monday to see the Y bridge, and maybe Xenia on the way to the airport in Dayton on Tuesday. So that's got the last three letters of the alphabet covered. I don't think I've ever been to an "X" town, although I have been to a "Z" town: Zürich.

Heh, we could get the last four letters covered if we stop in Washington Court House (or "Warshington Coat House" as the locals say it) on the way to Columbus. I wonder if Washington Court House has a court house? Or is it a lawless frontier, full of tough desperadoes and stagecoach bandits?
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Land of the Midnight Snack

Oyster crackers

I went out to get Skyline chili to go. It was yummy... but wow they gave us a lot of oyster crackers! Seven little bags of 'em. And we only opened and used one, and it's not even empty yet. Well, now I got something to snack on the next few days. :}
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