October 2nd, 2007

interstate pi

Upcoming trip to Ohio

My mom is going to her high school reunion (50th anniversary, I think) this month and I'll be going with her. It's in Cincinnati, Ohio, from the 12th to the 14th, and we're going to combine the trip with some sightseeing in Ohio and possibly Kentucky, and a trip up to Columbus to visit babsbunny. Our schedule:

Mon Oct 8 --------- Fly to Ohio
Tue Oct 9 --------- Sightseeing
Wed Oct 10 -------- Sightseeing
Thu Oct 11 -------- Sightseeing
Fri Oct 12 -------- Reunion
Sat Oct 13 -------- Reunion
Sun Oct 14 -------- Reunion; bug out early and drive up to Columbus to meet Babs
Mon Oct 15 -------- More funs withs Babs
Tue Oct 16 -------- Fly home, Buddy

Wish us fun!
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