September 28th, 2007

kicked in the face

And speaking of Great Big Sea...

...I've been goin' crazy trying to figure out who sings that deep tough-sounding lead vocal on "Helmethead"! It's not Alan Doyle (duh), and it's apparently not Séan McCann. But I was thinking it couldn't be Bob Hallett, because I thought he was the one singing in the high thin voice on songs like "John Barbour" and "Nothing Out Of Nothing"... but I have no evidence for that other than "he looks like he sounds like that". It is frustrating, not being able to find lead vocal credits for individual songs anywhere! Could the tough voice be Bob? Could the high thin voice be Séan? And who sings lead on "General Taylor"? And "Harbor Lecou"? And, well, all of 'em? Did Darrell Power ever sing lead? Does Murray Foster? All I want is some kind of "this guy sang that song" list!

EDIT: Okay, so I just found this video and apparently it is Bob on "Helmethead". So apparently all the other voices are Alan (deep rich friendly voice that sings like 2/3 of all the songs) or Séan (high thin voice, funny gruff voice, etc.) Seems Colin's more of a vocal chameleon than I realized.
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Jackla Jod



--character sequence seen in a Cryptolist puzzle I did today; the title of this list was "Retired Ben & Jerry's Flavors", and this sequence deciphered as "Makin' Whoopie Pie".
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