September 27th, 2007

yellow sub

There's this car commercial...

Have you seen it? The jingle goes, "If you want it, here it is / Come and get it / Make your mind up fast..." It's pretty catchy. It oughta be; Paul McCartney wrote it.

I first heard the demo of it on the Beatles' "Anthology" compilation (volume 3, disc 2, track 18). According to Wikipedia, he wrote it for the film The Magic Christian, and it was recorded by Badfinger. I haven't heard that version, though; just McCartney's demo.

Why can't they keep it in the closet?

Y'know what? I'm starting to get pretty darn tired of hearing other people talk about how they don't want to hear about other people's fetishes. I hear that about 100 times as often as I hear people talk about their fetishes! Yeah, that's what's wrong with furry fandom: too many people shoving their distaste for other people's fetishes down everybody's THROATS! :}
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