August 7th, 2007

Jackla Jod

!oediv nuF

This video was shot entirely in reverse, in a single camera shot (well, okay, two takes; there's a Rope trick cut in the middle). It is fun to watch, and the song is fun too!

Mute Math - Typical
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"The Lame Game"

Going by today's Cat and Girl...

My Witness Protection Program name:
Andrew Lamp

My punk rock name:
Andrew Cartoons

My Prime Minister of India name:
Andrew Gandhi

My singer-songwriter name:
Matthew Portland
[This one's pretty good!]

My science fiction name:
Falcon Bay Merona
[Also pretty good!]

My trust fund name:
Lloyd Lloyd-Richardson [can't write 0 in Roman numerals] but everyone calls me Pepper
[The name duplication is a pure coincidence, I swear]
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