July 16th, 2007

kooom pyooo turrrs

Email test post + anagrams

Here in Houston, Roadrunner is switching over to Comcast. Right now I'm curious whether my email still works properly. It should, but I'd like to test it. So comment on this post with your favorite line from one of your favorite songs, and I'll anagram it.

Update: Thanks for helping me test my email. It's still working. This anagram offer, of course, is now closed.
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Ratatouille again

Wow, lotsa lines. Thanks! I am indeed getting email notifications. I'll see if the Internet Anagram Server can handle them. If not, I'll just cobble together a buncha silly stuff. I figured, as long as I'm comment whoring (does it count as comment whoring if you're only doing it for technical reasons?) I figured I'd make a game out of it.

Saw Ratatouille again today. Collapse )

Heh heh. At the store today I saw a line of cereals based on Pixar movies. I don't remember their exact names, but there was, like, Incredible Bits & Finding Nemo-O's or something. And I thought, what, no Ratatouille cereal? Made with real eggplant chunks! Kids'll love it (but only if they're French)!
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