July 13th, 2007

KT art

New cartoons!

Click on the thumbnails to see 'em. Or just start browsing from here.

Northpaw goes from fox... to taur. This was inspired by some sort of word game Babs and I made up where we were saying stuff like "You can go from ceiling... to floor" or "You can go from three... to four". I can't for the life of me remember what started that. Drawn for Northpaw at Midwest Furfest 2006.

Northpaw shapeshifts into a raccoon, embarrassing KT in front of Sefo. Also he's eating vindaloo. Drawn for Northpaw at Morphicon 2006.

Northpaw as a young kit, pretending to play "A Hard Day's Night" on a guitar he made out of cardboard. Drawn for Northpaw at Morphicon 2007.

A Pixar crossover: Remy tries to teach Lightning McQueen to cook.

KT presents... two short cartoons based on Ratatouille.

...and that's when Babs Bunny discovered what non sequiturs were.

A cartoon I drew for Rob Paulsen to autograph at Anthrocon 2007. KT tries to help Yakko sing the nations of the world.

Doodles shows what real Italian spaghetti is like. Drawn for Doodles at Midwest Furfest 2007.

KT misunderstands Sefo's use of the phrase "say it, don't spray it".

A page of drawings I did on the plane home from Anthrocon 2007. My sketchbook got snagged on netting in the seat pocket, and I had to struggle mightily and partially disassemble the sketchbook to get it out without breaking the plastic spiral spine. I was so mad I drew an angry KT, and then a tired Teleia, and then I kept going and cheered myself up. Yay!

Lou Lynx wants to know who knocked over the DETOUR sign, causing motorists to take a physically impossible detour. Drawn for Lou Lynx at Morphicon 2007.
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