July 2nd, 2007

little chef

Encore, encore!

Mom and I went to see "Ratatouille". She loved it!

Unfortunately we picked a bad day & time to go. The theatre was filled with two schoolbusloads and one vanload of little children, who kept failing to be quiet, and because of where we were sitting, every time some kid had to go potty (which was about every 5 minutes), they and their parents walked right in front of us. And this isn't a very good movie for little kids anyway because they keep failing to understand what's going on and asking their parents "Mommy, why is he doing that?"

But like I said, Mom loved it and I enjoyed seeing it again. And I spotted the Pizza Planet truck! In the scene where Skinner is chasing Remy along the canal, and Remy starts hopping onto the boats, the Pizza Planet truck is briefly visible in the distance, on a bridge over the canal. It appears twice, but blink and you'll miss it. When the movie comes out on DVD and someone takes a screenshot to show the truck, they're going to have to draw a circle around it. Maybe do that thing where the whole image is darkened except inside the circle.
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