June 16th, 2007


Spotted in the wild: a genuine Cranky Old Man!

This article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (or as I like to call it, Seattle Pi) is about the problem of false fire alarms at Seattle Civic Center buildings, triggered by burnt microwave popcorn.

You can read the article if you like but what I want to call attention to is the comments (scroll down and click the "Soundoff" link at the end of the article. Then scroll down and look for the first comment by statman. He is convinced that microwave ovens, digital cameras and iPods are "completely USELESS contrivances", purchased only by "self-important, moronic consumers", and that when he wants popcorn, he prefers Jiffypop or "good old Red Mill popcorn". Then when fluffdoc tries to argue with him, he shoots back no less than four comments insulting fluffdoc and bemoaning materialism and the obsolescence of modern products. All he's missing for the full Cranky Old Man effect are the phrases "in my day" and "we liked it just FINE".

As of this writing, the last comment on the page is statman saying "What is that I hear...............crickets?" If I felt like registering with Seattle Pi, I'd be tempted to post a comment saying "You'll notice what you don't hear is fluffdoc, or anyone else, saying 'Gee, maybe you're right, statman.'" Or possibly "And yet you own a computer..." :}
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