June 6th, 2007

pervert with honor

Rule 34 Strikes Again

Remember that drawing I did of Slyl0ck F0x and C4ssandra Cat? (OMG NSFW LINK) I got a lot of suggestions from people for improving it, and I was inspired. So, I drew an updated version of it and colored it.

[This was the definitive rule-34ing of Slylock Fox, but it's been deleted at the request of Bob Weber Jr. himself, who I'd like to point out was a good sport about it. Hope you enjoyed it!]
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What is this, Confuse-A-Turtle?

What is WITH you people?! Why do you keep pointing me to links and describing things I'll find there, but then I click on them and I don't see what you're describing and I can't figure out what the heck you're talking about?!

Exhibit 1: Varro tries to point me to a nonexistent UPS truck.

Exhibit 2: Nefaria shows me the ugly new 2012 Olympics logo, and it is indeed ugly, but what's this nonsense about "alternative logos" at the bottom of the page?