May 25th, 2007

eww stinky!


Hey, all you people out there who love spicy spicy hot hot hot foods, I gotta ask you... what the hell have you done to your taste buds, that you can't enjoy food anymore unless it sets your mouth on fire? Why must EVERYTHING have chipotle in it? I'd just shrug, say it takes all kinds and continue buying my usual non-spicy foods, but you people are making it HARD for me to do that!

You and the food corporations, anyway. They keep putting out products where the spicy version's packaging differs from the non-spicy version's packaging in ways that are too subtle and too easy to miss when I'm staggering tiredly around a crowded supermarket. That's what happened with the package of snack-size bags of Cheetos my mom asked me to get recently. She can't eat them!

So, is spicy food really this popular, or is this another case of the companies trying to influence tastes by pushing product hard? Whoever's fault this is, CUT IT OUT. NOW.
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