May 23rd, 2007

cartoon diaries

Back from Morphicon!

Morphicon was fun and a blast and fun and so on! I got back home late last night, after having made the two plane flights (connecting in Charlotte, NC) more tolerable with the help of noise-cancelling headphones, Sgt. Pepper, and Men Without Hats. Listening to the entire Pop Goes The World album on a plane at night with the light off is a sublime experience, especially when it gets to the second verse of "The End of the World":
No sense in fooling, we're covered in dreams
Having too much fun flying to land
Floating waist-high in ten colors of green
We're so small, but we feel oh so grand

But now that I'm back home... ugh, I woke up this morning with a throat so sore and dried out it kept triggering my gag reflex. Hope it's just dehydration from the plane and I didn't catch anything serious. We'll see.

Also I have some stuff to scan, which will happen sometime this week.
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    Men Without Hats - Eloise and I