May 12th, 2007

Jackla Jod

Life in Reverse

There are lots of videos on YouTube where a couple of guys film themselves doing stuff and then play the video backwards. Usually they film themselves diving into a pool, throwing things, jumping out of trees, etc. Fun stuff.

This is the absolute best of the bunch.

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And a rope did float and it hooked the goat, and a boy climbed a stone made of O's...

I was very happy to find this clip online, because I had forgotten more than half of it! Shame the volume is so low, though. You'll have to turn up your stereo. It's the "O" Song from '70s-era Sesame Street:

I'm linking to this instead of embedding it, because I want to call attention to two comments in the comment section. ProfessorIgor writes:

"the O's turned to smoke and started to float closer to the bulldozer ??? whoa !!!! Little did I know at my tender age of 4 when this came out that the writer of this song was completely, utterly and totally under the influence of one or several mind altering drugs !!"

A few other people make comments along the same lines, and then raposofan replies:

"Guys, come on. I'm an animator. Can't it have just been *imagination*?"

Exactly! Right on, raposofan. Why do people keep saying if it's weird, it MUST be drugs? Even if they're only joking, why do they keep saying it?
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