May 11th, 2007

Anthro Antix

My Cage

Press release:
Today's strip:

OK, "My Cage" so far is about as Japanese-style and manga-influenced as... I dunno, a turkey sandwich. They're just calling it manga-style because the dog girl there has pink hair and big, incompletely-outlined eyes. She hasn't even shown up yet!

It's a bit difficult to judge the strip so far because it's so new, it's still in "introduce all the characters, one per day" mode. But what I've seen so far suggests that the strip's overarching theme is "office banalities". Now, I like the art in the strip. The characters are anthropomorphic animals, drawn in a vaguely manga-ish style. This makes it look like a furry comic. Hell, it *is* a furry comic. :} It looks like a strip that I would absolutely love if it weren't yet another DAMN DILBERT RIPOFF.

Oh yeah, lettered in COMIC SANS MS! Aaargh!!
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attack turtle


Look out, kittycat! He is relentless! He's all like, "BEWARE, I LIVE!" "RUN, COWARD!" Watch closely at 1:01, when the tortoise charges the camera in full raging fury. Also at about 1:45, he's apparently chewed off the cat's entire coat of fur.

(And when am I ever gonna have a better reason to use this icon?)
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