May 5th, 2007



The tub has been replaced with a shower stall. The walls have been painted orange. The mostly unused (and mostly inaccessible) shelf space has been removed and replaced with a little walk-in alcove. But most importantly...

THE TOILET IS BACK IN PLACE! It refills a lot more slowly for some reason, but it works! No more using Dad's bathroom. No more using Dad's bathroom in the middle of the night. No more sneaking into Dad's bedroom in the middle of the night, trying not to wake him up, to use his bathroom!

Now all we need to do is get a worker to come out on Monday and tile over that spot where the soap dish fell off (Mom said she didn't need a soap dish anyway), shop for a towel holder, a toilet paper holder, and something to put towels in, and put the soaps and shampoos back in (oh yeah, and clean up the stains on the rugs and hardwood floors left by the workers, and then revarnish the hardwood floors after the painters cleaned up their paint stains with paint thinner, yeesh) and our lives will be back to normal!

(Except my back is still sore. Ugh.)