April 6th, 2007

Elvis Costello

These 3-D glasses

So Wikipedia says that the Disney Digital 3-D process uses circular polarized light, with the left and right images using opposite rotations. This much makes sense; it's a great way to prevent ghosting. But how do the glasses themselves work?

I have a working hypothesis: the lenses have two layers. The front layer is a quarter-wavelength plate, which converts the circular polarized light to linear polarized, and the back layer is an ordinary polaroid filter. The two quarter-wavelength plates are of opposite handedness, but the polaroid filters go in the same direction.

This explains everything I've discovered so far:

- why, when I held them up to a window last night, they appeared to be polarized in the same direction;
- why they behave differently when I'm wearing them than when I'm looking through them the wrong way (for instance, if I wear them, look at my plasma computer screen and tilt my head, nothing happens except the color balance goes a little wonky, but if I look through them the wrong way and tilt my head 45 degrees to the left, my screen goes black);
- why, when I wear them and look in a mirror, each eye can see the other but not itself (which creates a weird shimmering effect if I look with both eyes open);
- why, when I wear them, I look like Elvis Costello.

Wait, scratch that last one (although I do!)

Update: My dad came home, I showed him what I'd figured out, and indeed he confirmed that while these glasses are an amazing technological marvel to the moviegoing public, to a physicist they are simply a pair of circular polarizers of opposite handedness that you look through backwards.
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Interesting YouTube users

This is Sally Cruikshank, who did a bunch of independently made cartoons back in the '70s and '80s, and has put them all up on YouTube. Some are freestanding cartoons like "Quasi at the Quackadero", and some are segments made for Sesame Street. Check out her weird style!

Flippy Cat's owner makes domino-tipping courses, and sometimes lets Flippy knock over the first domino. Fun stuff!