April 3rd, 2007


The Last Mimzy

I saw The Last Mimzy today! It was pretty good. Sorta like E.T., except instead of E.T. there's a whirring stuffed bunny and a bunch of magic rocks. That makes it sound silly, but it is all tied together quite well, and I was engrossed. Would you believe there's a connection between ancient Buddhist mandalas and "Alice in Wonderland"?

Before the movie, there were trailers for "Martian Child", about a man who adopts a boy who lives inside a cardboard box and claims to be from Mars, and "Shrek III", the continuing adventures of the animated ogre, ogress and donkey. Oh yes, and a new Fantastic Four movie in which the Silver Surfer shows up and y'know what? The Human Torch seems like a really DANGEROUS superhero. He was flying between buildings and through a traffic tunnel, and I'm surprised he didn't set the whole city on fire!

Then I went to Cafe Adobe for some tacos for supper.
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