February 27th, 2007


Screw shark week! It's time for...


All this week on the Meerkatscovery Channel:

A Meerkat Chopper
Meerkatty Jobs
Meerkat vs. Wild
I Shouldn't Be a Meerkat
Deadliest Meerkatch
How It's Meerkatted
It Takes a Meerkat
Meerkat Builders
Stunt Meerkats

And on The Meerkattening Channel:

Trading Meerkats
What Not To Meer
A Meerkat Hot Rod

Meanwhile over on the Food Meerkatwork:

Essence of Emeerkatil
Good Eats with Meerkatton Brown
Iron Kat
Molto Meerkattio
MeerkatNation with Bobby Flay

Meanwhile, on Sunday night, the Discovery Channel aired a show called YouSpoof Discovery, on which they aired clips from fan-created parodies of their shows. If you missed it, you can see the parodies online at http://www.discovery.com/spoof ! One of my favorites is "Rejected FutureWeapons".
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Thomas the Thank Engine

Suppose instead of "Thomas the Tank Engine", the show were called "Thomas the Thank Engine". Then the first three words would all begin with th, pronounced three different ways!
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