February 19th, 2007


I thought of an analogy today

You've heard people say that gay marriage shouldn't be legalized because marriage is supposed to encourage procreation, right?

Seems to me that's like saying we should encourage white people to eat healthier by banning black people from health food stores.

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cartoon diaries

Diary news

Oh, and I decided last week I was going to get back into drawing diaries, starting with MFF 2006, then the Furry Cruise and then FC 2007. I hit a bit of a snag, though; I reached the point in the MFF diary where I saw Uncle Kage's Story Hour, 2's show, and the Furry Variety Show in quick succession, and I need to review my videotapes of those events before I can continue. Well, I watched the Uncle Kage tape last Friday, and this week I plan to watch the other two tapes. So hopefully some progress soon!