February 15th, 2007

Doris guitar

Hooray for the 19th Amendment!

So I just got back from the Susan B. Anthony birthday dinner.

Mom and I drove out around 5, picked up Joyce and stowed her wheelchair in the back of the van, and headed towards Luby's. Traffic was bad on the way over, apparently because of an overturned dump truck on the freeway feeder road. Fortunately we got there in time, but everybody else was late. It was at a Luby's, at the north end of several blocks of the highest concentration of furniture stores I've ever seen in one place. Furniture Central, practically!

Mom and all her friends were wearing their red shawls, in honor of the red shawl Susan B. wore when she was lobbying Congress, and I wore a red T-shirt and a red jacket. We looked at pictures of Susan B.'s shawl that were taken while it was on display (it's in storage now, and is so old and fragile that it will most likely never be displayed again). The two Peggys talked about Susan B.'s struggle to win women the right to vote. Then the younger Peggy lit the candles on the cake that the older Peggy had brought. Most of us had gotten dessert, but some of us had pieces of cake anyway.

Meanwhile it got dark outside, and *cold*. Fortunately I always carry a jacket, hat and gloves in the back of my bag, and Mom's shawl kept Joyce's head warm while she sat in her wheelchair and we waited for Mom to bring the van around to the front of the building. Traffic had also cleared out by then.

So, how'd you spend Susan B. Anthony's birthday?
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