February 12th, 2007

Churchy La Femme

I would like to coin a word: MONOGREEN

mon·o·green [ˈmɑn oː ˌgɹiːn], [ˈmɒn oː ˌgɹiːn]

A mistake in a song lyric that appears on every damn lyrics site on the web because they all just copy from each other.


In a cd karaoke bar
By the banks of the mighty Bosphorus
Is a Japanese man in a business suit singing smokets in your eyes

--"Wheels" by Cake -- J. McCrea, C. Forster

"CD" should be "seedy" and "smokets" should be "Smoke Gets". (At first I thought "Bosphorus" was another mistake, for "Bosporus", but apparently the -ph- spelling is an acceptable variant.)

To be fair, "CD karaoke bar" is a plausible-sounding phrase. But COME ON, PEOPLE! "SMOKETS"?!?

(Actually, while searching for lyrics sites, I found two that got the words right, so these are not true monogreens.)
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