January 10th, 2007


I cheered Mom up tonight!

Mom had a hard day, and I cheered her up!

See, she loves "Lilo & Stitch", the movies and the TV series. A while ago at the Disney Store, I found a nice fluffy little Stitch plushie and bought it for her, and she's been keeping it perched on the corner of the TV stand by her chair.

Recently I went to the Disney Store again, and I found a Stitch plushie of the same type, but bigger. Same fluffy fur, same cute droopy ears. But instead of just giving it to Mom, I decided to play a trick.

Earlier today, Mom had a hard time, having to drive from place to place trying to get some prescription. She was tired when she came home. Later, when she wasn't looking, I secretly switched the small Stitch for the big Stitch.

At dinnertime, I ordered Chinese food. When Mom came out and got some fried rice and sat down at her chair to eat, she suddenly started laughing! "He grew!" she said. She told me it was just what she needed! Later, she hugged me.
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