January 7th, 2007

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Need new computer

As I said in my phone post, Mintaka youngvanwinkle couldn't fix my computer, and he recommended I buy a new one. I'm not handy or confident enough to build one from parts, so I'm planning to buy a readymade system. Any recommendations?

Taka gave me the hard drive, which should still have all my files on it. I'd like to find a place that will put it into a system as a secondary drive, or if that won't work, copy off all my files onto the new machine. Any recommendations?
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Somewhere on the road to Dallas yesterday, in the middle of nowhere, I stopped at a gas station to go to the bathroom. The sink in the men's room was all wrapped up in duct tape and had a water-smeared sign on it saying "The sink is broke! Do not touch." I didn't know sinks even earned money!

So I tried to wash my hands in the women's room (despite the big red sign warning "WOMEN ONLY! NO MEN!, which makes me wonder what's been going on there), but I couldn't get that faucet to work either. I asked, "Where can I wash my hands?" The cashier said, "Women's room." I said, "I tried that." She said, "You have to push down."

Sure enough, pushing down on the faucet brings forth water. But the handle looks like the kind you're supposed to turn. There is NO HINT WHATSOEVER that you're supposed to PUSH DOWN.

Hmm, I wonder if the men's room has the same kind of faucet, and some dude smashed it with his fist in anger when he couldn't get it to work. And of course a woman wouldn't do such a thing.
kooom pyooo turrrs

Data Doctors

Mom recommends (adamantly) that I buy my new computer from Data Doctors. They fix computers, and I guess they also sell them. Even better, they're within easy driving distance! They're in the shopping plaza that has the Randall's supermarket and our favorite Chinese restaurant.