January 4th, 2007

carhorn with teeth

New car, part 2

So we decided I'd get a white one after all. So now I own a white 2007 Toyota Yaris.

Now begins the breaking-in period, where I drive it carefully for about a week, and learn all the ways in which it's different from my Chevy Cavalier. The worst thing, so far, is that the cover on the little storage compartment between the front seats is so wide that it's hard to reach down beside it to fasten my seat belt. And the cover seems to be wider than necessary; it's much wider than the compartment itself. Why do they make them like that?

Another thing is that I'm going to have to modify my habit of putting my shoulder bag on the passenger seat. This car can detect if there's a passenger, but it mistook my bag for a passenger and beeped at me to warn me that the passenger-side seatbelt was unfastened. That can't be disabled, can it? If not, I'm going to have to either put my bag on the floor, or start buckling my bag in.

Oh, and another problem is that traveling to FC will take me out of town from Jan. 14 to Jan. 27. The license plates may not arrive before the 14th, and the temporary tag will expire on the 25th. If the plates haven't arrived shortly before I'm scheduled to leave, we'll have to get new temporary tags. They can do that, right?
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Also, the cashiers at the CVS pharmacy near my house seem not to know what the word "separate" means.

I was there, buying two bottles of water and two little packs of doughnuts. When the cashier rang me up, she put the doughnuts in a bag, and then started to put the water bottles in on top of them. But I didn't want the bottles crushing my doughnuts, so I stopped her and said, "I want the water in a *separate* bag." She looked at me with total confusion, as though I'd said "I want the water in a *potrzebie* bag." I had to explain that I wanted two bags; the doughnuts in one and the water in the other.

And the same thing happened a few days ago! I bought two bottles of water, a pair of magnifying reading glasses, and a glasses case. The cashier (a different one) bagged the water, and then I told her I wanted the glasses and case in a *separate* bag. She stared at me with total uncomprehension. She tried to understand, and asked me, "Separate from each other?" It took me a minute to explain that I wanted the glasses and case separate from the water.

Am I misusing the word "separate", or something?
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My computer just died!

It suddenly switched itself off while I was reading some webpage, and wouldn't turn back on. A minute later, it apparently tried to turn itself on while I was out of the room, but there was some kind of burning electrical smell, and when I turned the monitor back on, I saw nothing.

I unplugged it, and I'm on Mom's computer right now until further notice.
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