December 12th, 2006

Glazorthian, space message

Happy holidays from all of us at KT

Ooo, LJ's festived up their logo banner for Christmas! (Whether you can see it apparently depends on your layout; when I logged in just now, I stopped seeing it.)

But WUH-OH, it says "Season's Greetings"! There's that mean nasty ol' war on Christmas again, how dare they! Someone alert Bill O'Reilly! And by "alert" I mean "punch in the face".

That wasn't very Christmassy of me. I think I'll finish this post by wishing everyone a...


D A B F# G D G A

Heh! The only reason this comedy routine about Pachelbel's Canon didn't make me laugh out loud is because I currently have a sore throat and can't.

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