December 2nd, 2006

nautical, Jack Hinks

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As I said in my phone post, I'm in Ft. Lauderdale, feeling much better and looking forward to the cruise! Seawolf just called and Zot is talking to him; he's currently in Atlanta, on the way here. He'll get here about half past midnight, which is unfortunately about a quarter hour after the last hotel shuttle runs. Maybe he'll need a taxi!

Shortly after I got here, we all went out to look for food and went to Miami Subs and had gyros. Yum! Then Zot went to a liquor store to get little bottles of alcoholic stuff.

Oh, and apparently there are no less than eight cruise ships departing tomorrow! All the hotels around here are full. We've got a sofa bed and a rollaway bed for me and Seawolf, but officially we can't use them both. So we'll use them both but not tell anyone.
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