November 25th, 2006

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The Beatles - Love

Right now I'm listening to "Love", the Beatles mashup album put together by George Martin and his son Giles. It's fun and I like it! Some tracks are mostly untouched Beatles songs, but then they segue beautifully into catchy and surprising compositions made up of tracks from three or four different songs edited together like a multi-permutable jigsaw puzzle. For instance, at one point I heard the guitar intro to "Blackbird", and it sounded a bit slowed down. This was so it could lead seamlessly into the guitar intro from "Yesterday". Right now, the drumming from "Within You Without You" somehow evolved into "Here Comes The Sun", and it worked perfectly!

This album apparently came out yesterday, but that was Black Friday and I decided to wait till today to buy it. If you're a Beatles fan, I urge you to do the same thing: wait till today to buy it!
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    The Beatles - Come Together (Love)

Con crunch?

Not that I'm not looking forward to the Furry Cruise or anything, but I wish I'd realized when I was planning out the year's trips that I'd have to hit the road again only a week after getting back from MFF. I haven't even started putting up the MFF diary yet! I think what I'll do is I'll think of MFF and the Furry Cruise as one big trip with a week's rest at home in between. And when I get home from the cruise I'll start putting up the MFF diary, and then the cruise diary.

And I shall avoid planning trips so close together from now on!

In fact, I'm only planning to go to four furry cons in 2007: FC, Morphicon, AC, and MFF. This is not any kind of comment on the ones I'm not going to; I decided to narrow it down to four, and those are simply the four I've chosen.
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    The Beatles - Revolution (Love)