November 16th, 2006

cars that can lick things

At the Hyatt

“This is KT and I'm at the Hyatt! (AHEMCOUGH) I, um, I wanted to make a phonepost earlier this morning, but it wasn't working. The system, uh... the, um, I have three LJ numbers programmed into my cellphone, and I tried them, and... one was, I mean two were busy signals, they gave busy signals, and the other one answered, but all I heard was silence. So I guess phonepost capability was down, or... something.


And aaaargh! I bought orange juice and V-8 yesterday, so I'd have stuff to drink that would have, y'know, be healthier than Dr. Pepper and have vitamins in it and stuff... and this morning I discovered that two of the three bottles of V-8 I bought were Spicy Hot V-8! I failed to notice that on the label when I bought them! Who the hell is going round, um, tasting things and saying "This needs to be spicy"? Like that sandwich I had at that movie theater grill place that one time! The mayonnaise was spicy! Chipotle mayonnaise! Who the hell... Um, somewhere some idiot, one day, bit into a sandwich and said, "This would be great if only the mayonnaise was <i>spicy</i>." This spicy trend has gotten way out of hand. Knock it OFF, people!

So anyway, oh yeah, while I was checking out of the Motel 6, I noticed in my car one of the warning lights came on. The, uh, the low-coolant light. And I checked the manual, I decided to RTFM, and I saw that the engine has to be cold before I can even check the coolant level. So I bought coolant, and now I'm waiting for the engine to cool down so I can check it. I hope I can get that fixed.

Also I'm now checked in at the Hyatt. I'm supposed to be sharing a room with <lj user="northpaw_1">; anybody have his contact info or know his schedule? Because I forgot to get that from him before I left.